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A subsidiary of Burnside, Well Initiatives Limited, is a full service water well contractor specializing in providing services for the consulting, exploration, development and protection of groundwater resources. Well Initiatives has extensive experience working with the staff of Neegan Burnside.

Well Initiatives was established to service the groundwater industry in Ontario. We are a licensed well contractor that owns and operates the specialized drill rigs, cranes, downhole video cameras and support equipment that is required to construct and maintain water supply wells for individual homes and high capacity municipal, commercial and agricultural wells. We also complete diagnostics and maintenance of existing wells that require regular maintenance.

Groundwater is typically an excellent source of water that is available for municipal, commercial and domestic use in most regions. The exploration, construction, operation and maintenance of a well requires an understanding of the regional geology and individual well conditions. Each site has individual characteristics that need to be understood through science based analysis to establish and maintain the well. Well Initiatives specializes in construction and re-construction of wells with the best quality water by identifying the best possible formation and then installing/upgrading wells that are appropriately designed.

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Well Initiatives staff have over 40 years of experience drilling in Canada. Wells installed by Well Initiatives are constructed to standards beyond those required in Ontario by Regulation 903. Wells are constructed in the overburden sand with screens or with open bedrock holes. Well casings are sealed to ensure that the groundwater source is separated from potential surface sources of contamination. Development of wells is completed to ensure that the well produces sediment free water and is ready for the installation of a submersible pump.

A well’s capacity declines over time to due to biological/chemical fouling and physical plugging of the formations that supply water to a well. There may be well specific issues such as casing corrosion that contribute to poor quality and Regulation 903 compliance issues. Well Initiatives makes use of current scientific methods to identify the problems, recommend and implement solutions to optimize the usable capacity of existing wells and pumps.

Our Services Include:

  • Domestic Well Drilling
  • Municipal Well Construction
  • Downhole Video Inspection
  • Flow Profiling to Identify Producing Zones
  • Pumping Tests
  • Water Quality Sampling and Testing
  • Pumping Assembly Alterations
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Reconstruction
  • Operation and Maintenance Plans


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