Capacity Development

Neegan Burnside aids Indigenous communities in planning sustainable growth and developing capacity in order to meet projected demands for the future.

Capacity Development ensures that communities have meaningful discussions with their members to plan how the community will grow for the benefit of all while taking into consideration the environmental, socioeconomic, cultural and traditional knowledge impacts.

Neegan Burnside will:

  • Assess existing infrastructure
  • Facilitate consultation
  • Help forecast future needs
  • Develop alternative development and servicing concepts
  • Assist in evaluating the options, and
  • Help create the long term guiding plan that provides a solid base for future infrastructure requirements and reduces housing densities to acceptable norms.

We undertake assessments of existing infrastructure and make recommendations for maintenance plans to extend the life of each asset as well as provide valuable training and support.

Our Services Include:

  • Land Use Plans
  • Capital Planning Studies
  • Comprehensive Community Planning Studies
  • Housing Development Plans
  • Growth Studies and Community Relocation Studies
  • Asset Condition Reporting (ACRS)
  • Maintenance Management Systems (MMS)
  • Maintenance and Infrastructure Management Training
  • Project Development and Alternative Financing Strategies

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