Private Development

As an aboriginal engineering firm with a long-term reputation of delivering quality projects for our traditional client base, Neegan Burnside has the expertise to deliver engineering and environmental options which introduces supply chain diversity for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) private corporation-based sector ranging from small companies to large multinational companies.

Our Services Include:

  • Facilities Design
  • Integrated Design
  • Renewable Energy Services
  • Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Reviews and Assessment
  • Community Engagement, Consultation and Accommodation
Merv Dewasha

Mervin Dewasha, P.Eng.
Chairman of the Board
1-800-595-9149 X3052

Ian Drever

Ian Drever, P.Eng.
Executive Vice-President, Private (R.J. Burnside Ltd.)
1-800-265-9662 X5903

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